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Our vineyards are

our most precious heritage – cultivated over the centuries in areas known for their favourable exposure, climates and quality of soils – together with the acclaimed Ligurian vines: rossese di Dolceacqua, pigato and vermentino. 

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Fancy getting a taste of some of the most delicious Ligurian wines and discovering what makes them special? Then just come and visit our winery, by appointment.

Wine tasting
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We are a 45 min – 1hr drive from Nice airport and a 25 min drive from Ventimiglia train station. You can only reach us by car as we’re located in a very tranquil spot on top of a hill. The nearest motorway exits are Bordighera and Ventimiglia, so you can choose two different routes to us.

The easy ride (30 mins from Bordighera motorway exit)

When you come off the motorway, drive down to Bordighera and then follow the directions to Ventimiglia. Right before entering Ventimiglia you will find a roundabout where you’ll have to take a right following the directions to Dolceacqua. In 8-10 minutes you’ll drive through Dolceacqua, then after approximately 1 km take a left turn towards Rocchetta. After a few minutes take another left towards La Colla/Terre Bianche, where you’ll start driving uphill. Carry on straight to the top and follow the signs to Terre Bianche.

For the more adventurous drivers (20 mins from Ventimiglia motorway exit)

When coming off the motorway follow the directions to Cuneo/Limone/Colle di Tenda. Drive through the small village of Porra, then look out for a turn on the right towards Verrandi. Follow the one-way road uphill to Verrandi, then carry on for another 8-10 mins until you reach the top of the hill. You will start driving downhill and you’ll need to take a right at the first crossroads. Following the road you should get a beautiful view of Dolceacqua and its castle- we’re only two minutes away.


GPS coordinates: 43°50’36.6″N 7°36’40.9″E

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Tel (+39) 0184 31426


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